Alejandra Almanzi Vice President of Administration
Emma Jaques Vice President of Education
Katharine Devereux Chapter President
Nicole Hauck Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Sydney Bottomley Vice President of Communications
Hayley Kinion Vice President of Academic Development
Sydney Bottomley Historian
Keira Coleman Vice President of Standards
Tayla Odes Keeper of the Ritual
Tay Choisser Chapter Secretary
Catherine Bengtson New Member Educator
Sydnie Barboza Property Manager
Addy Harbison Panhellenic Delegate
Anjannae Laird Panhellenic Delegate
Jordan Allen Philanthropy Chairman
Sierra Sorrentino To Dragma Reporter
Audrey Zitnay Activities Chairman
Michelle Nores Assistant VP of Membership Recruitment
Brittany Zelnik Marketing Chair
Noelle Bradley Vice President of Finance